1. Is there an application form?
No. Please refer to the Application Guidelines and submit all the components listed.

2. May I apply via email?
No. All grant proposals must be mailed to our office.

3. Do you give grants to individuals?
No. We can only distribute grants to qualified public entities or 501  (c) 3 charities.

4. Can we meet with someone to discuss our proposal?
The Board does not hold in-person meetings. If the Board feels it is necessary they will schedule a meeting after receiving proposal.

5. Can someone confirm the consideration of a type of grant prior to sending in a proposal? Or would you consider a letter of inquiry?
The Foundation is able to give a better response after reviewing a complete proposal.  As long as the request falls within the guidelines, we would appreciate the opportunity to review it.

6. How many copies do you need?
One unbound grant proposal is all that is necessary.

7. What amount should I request?
The Foundation places no limits on the amount requested.

8. Do you prefer to fund general operating, program, endowment, challenge/matching or capital fund support?
The Foundation will consider all types of support and looks to the organization to determine their highest priority.

9. What geographic area do you fund?
The Foundation seeks to fund organizations impacting the Greater Houston-Galveston area. The Foundation does fund grants outside of this area on occasion.

10. What is the deadline for grant proposals?
Grant proposals are accepted at any time through the year.  We recommend that proposals are submitted several months before funding is needed.

11. When does the Foundation Board meet?
They meet periodically and dates are at discretion of the Directors.

12. How will I know if my proposal has been accepted or declined?
All applicants receive written communication regarding the disposition of their proposal in two to three weeks after submission to the Foundation.

13. We have submitted a proposal and we were declined.  May we resubmit?
Yes, however we ask grantees to wait twelve months from the date the proposal was submitted.

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