Our Mission

The Herzsteins’ lives symbolize the American dream and the importance of living life to its fullest. They embraced the American spirit and ideals which encourage self-sufficiency and the free enterprise system, but did not forget the importance of helping those who, due to circumstances, were unable to help themselves.

The Herzsteins held a genuine respect for all people and the precious gift of life. Their generosity, through sharing their many blessings, has shaped and changed lives in the community. The Foundation strives to embody the spirit of the Founders by respecting all individuals and their ability to achieve the highest quality of life.

The Herzstein Foundation, by means of its grant program, continues the work of Albert and Ethel Herzstein, leaving their “footprints” by supporting charitable efforts that offer individuals opportunities for advancement through education, enrich the human spirit, and contribute to the quality of life in our society.