A businessman, entrepreneur and, ultimately, a  philanthropist, Albert Herzstein dedicated his later years to the charitable foundation that bears his name and that of his equally generous wife, Ethel. Through its gifts, The Herzstein Foundation honors the ideals of personal responsibility and resourcefulness in a free  society, limited government, self-sufficiency, the right of all individuals to enjoy a quality life, and the importance of providing opportunities for people to help themselves.

Recipients include organizations that promote education, serve to enrich the human spirit and work to improve quality of life for others. Preference is given to groups and projects that receive little or no support from the government. We seek to make contributions that will produce meaningful, positive change.

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Mr. Herzstein's acceptance of the American Philanthropy Award in Columbus, Ohio in 1993. This award celebrates the best spirit in philanthropy and is awarded to individuals who consistently invested themselves and their resources in improving lives.
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